Three Weeks In

I’ve been working in the new digs for three weeks now – four days a week, 10 hours many days. I’m estimating that the library is about half way to where I’d like it to be.


Week 1 – made decisions on items to keep or clear out.  Find a place to put items to keep. Clear the walls.

Week 2 – organize items kept as best as possible. This is ongoing. Ron and I have joked time and time again about how we are having to move items to move items to a place that might make sense for a new home. Some cabinets are full of items that will just have to wait. Clear some more items out. This is tricky. If you move out too many things at once, you risk losing something of value. So some things you walk around and think about longer.

Week 3 – reorganize fiction into genres. Move magazines and make a reading nook. Clear some more items.


Week 4 – reorganize easy.

Weeks 5 & beyond – reorganize nonfiction.

Because you can only deal with books for so many hours at a time without Belview employees arriving with their little white jackets, I’ve also hung some things, worked on files, and looked at 100s of VHSs. I’ve catalogued and changed call numbers on some things.

Carpets are being cleaned next Monday! Yeah! I’m staying home with my feet up. (Ha! Not really. But I will be home. 😉 )

A few pictures of the fiction section. I was going to take some more, but all the furniture was moved for Monday’s carpet cleaning adventure. The books that are just piled on the bottom shelf need genre labels.



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