The things I’ve learned so far in my reference course

General items:

  • some information is just really hard to find.
  • college libraries have some resources (like specialized databases) that are far superior to those found other types of libraries.
  • can be helpful.
  • can also be helpful.
  • there are encyclopedias or dictionaries for more topics that I probably even know exist.
  • some things are bears to cite.
  • sometimes you have to break down and ask someone else for help.

Specific items:

  • Vita Sackville-West, her husband and children.
  • The book that ran for the most weeks on the NYT bestseller’s list.
  • There is a very nicely annotated list of all the Coretta Scott King award winners from the time of it’s inception to present.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of English as the official language of the USA.
  • There are other poems that begin with “I wandered lonely as a cloud” than the one I learned in middle school.
  • O’Henry worked under an unusual set of circumstances writing “The Gift of the Magi.”
  • Libby Gelman-Waxner
  • Ockham’s Razor
  • The particulars of the “Old Deluder Satan Act.”
  • There are formulas for wind chill and the heat index that made me as a math teacher shudder.
  • Camille St. Saens and some of his students
  • The chemical properties of caffeine.
  • “Bien amicalement”
  • Derivations of “momick”
  • Once-removed as it pertains to kin.
  • Marriages of first cousins and double first cousins.
  • North Carolina has a publication that tells all the local and state election results
  • NC and VA share many things
  • GNP and GDP
  • The ALA puts out an annual publication that you can find anything and everything about current libraries. Need a name and address?
  • Dame of Sark
  • Mary Renault
  • Trouser roles, mezzo-sopranos, Americans that sing them.
  • Howard Allen O’Brien
  • counties surrounding Pitt county.
  • Novels set in the Urals.
  • ND longitude and latitude.
  • Where to purchase wall mounted maps.
  • What the first publication of a law is called.
  • History of the census.
  • SuDocs classification.
  • Where to find biographies of past and present congressional members.

One thought on “The things I’ve learned so far in my reference course

  1. Ugggg- This is exactly the class I’m in! Googling the word ‘momick’ led me to your blog! Please tell me this gets better!

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