Stations & Maker Spaces – Introduction

It’s that time when our brains are shifting back into gear for school (welcome or not, it’s happening!). As those thoughts emerge, I’m getting more and more questions about stations and maker spaces. I’m just going to call them stations from now on.

I’d like to write about everything that happens, needs to happen up front, and where you might end up, but that won’t happen in a single post. People come to the OTES library and ask:

  • How did you decide to use that?
  • How did the kids know to go there?
  • How long does this last?

And lots more. What they are seeing is years of trial, error, and success, so I’d like to share some of the process so you can decide what will work for you, and hopefully, some of the trial and error part can be minimized.

I’d like to address:

  • choosing & managing the materials
  • how to get started with the students
  • managing the day-to-day routines

What else do you want to know as I move through this? Let me know and I’ll do my best to address it!



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