Stations in the library

The library should be a place of wonder and excitement. I think it should be very different from everywhere else students go. But there are some definite organizational issues involved with seeing classes all day long, allowing for continuous open check-out, and maintaining your sanity. Enter stations as a sanity saver. First. You have to […]

Seeing my name

If you have an unusual name like I do, you know that the chances of seeing your name somewhere, anywhere in print is slim to none. Ok, I do see it, but not as a name. More likely it's associate with an extremely famous spider or a small dotted bikini. So imagine my surprise when reading Alan Gratz's Refugee that "Bitsy" appeared. I had to do a double-take – triple even. Sure enough! There it is in print! So what if it's a stuffed rabbit!

Summer is on the decline

For the last several years, I’ve written a “what I did on my summer vacation” post. Mainly to show that it’s no 3 month vacay. (And 3 months!? Really?) So here goes.

  • Week long training at UNCG for clinical teachers.
  • Had my “read and ride” donors choose grant funded.
  • Went through the TED-X application process. (Accepted btw)
  • PD on Exploring NC Digitally. Thanks to NCSLMA.
  • Worked on campus about 20 days. I lost track. I was in more than I intended.
  • Wrote 2 math books for Carson Dellosa – a 4th and a 5th. This took up the majority of summer.
  • Went to the mountains for a few days with my girlfriends.
  • Attended multiple meetings for school or NCSLMA.
  • Applied for an admin program and scheduled a retirement meeting. The coupling of these two is bizarre, but I’m planning for every contingency. Mwahahaha

What I planned but didn’t do:

  • Rework my school web page.
  • Practice my Spanish.
  • Plan like a library demon.
  • Read a book a week. I read, but . . .
  • Exercise like I wanted. I did but it was not at the level I planned.

The math books threw things off plan, but will pay for my new grad school endeavors.

What I worked in just because it was summer:

  • I ate watermelon. Pure ambrosia.
  • I went to the pool.
  • I napped.
  • I watched some Netflix.

Not an overly exciting time in my life, but bunches accomplished. And I got to spend some time (not enough) with old and new friends!

Brinkley, Cronkite, & Reasoner

I’m contemplating years gone by. Don’t get me wrong. I love 21st century living. If I need the answer to a question, I look it up or phone a friend. No more having to wait until I can find just that cookbook or lug out the old encyclopedias. I forgot to tell Ron something, I text him. I know people that I have never met in person, and I’ve met people in person that I never would have had the chance to meet in another time. Twenty-first Century living is amazing!

One 21st century thing that has NOT advanced society though is 24/7 news. What a lot of pressure to come up with enough “news” to fill every waking (oh wait! even every non-waking) hour of the day. So, we hear the same important news interviewing the same witnesses and experts (or not so expert) over and over and over again until we either don’t care or have gone into some kind of desperate breakdown, OR we get ridiculously trite information that no one should know about anyone.  Thank you Ted Turner.

Hence the contemplation. I kind of miss the news coming on at 6 and 10 pm from my Texas childhood. We trusted Brinkley, Cronkite, and Reasoner (at least those are the ones I vaguely remember) to give us 30 minutes of mostly important stuff ,and then we read the rest in the newspaper. Which is another story altogether. We haven’t had a paper on par with the Houston Chronicle since we left. We’ve been gone a long time though. Maybe the Chronicle isn’t as good as the Chronicle anymore either.

Photobucket bomb

It’s been a busy summer, and I haven’t had time to do some fun stuff that I’d planned – like work on my blog. Today, I’m trying to remedy that. I’ve been working on the template, and am checkout various things I can do on the WordPress hosted version, when I run across this sweet little gem:

 photo r_b_jamaica.jpg

It looks like a picture while I’m typing, so I continue unaware. But the minute, I hit publish, POOF!, it turns into a sign that I’m a stealer of bandwidth. mmmmm

When I first started selling on eBay (years and years ago), I came across a great little tidbit of information. Put your pictures on Photobucket and link them. YES! it worked on everything, eBay, my blog, my webpages! Absolutely everything. Until they changed their policy his summer. And now, I have 100s of pictures left suffering in their hands. Goodness knows where I’ve linked them all and where that badge of shame will show up. I can get them out of hock, for a mere $399 annual fee. Yes, all this can be yours for $399!

Good news is that I’m not alone.

The real issue that this isn’t a “moving forward” event. It’s a retroactive event. Imagine if every picture you ever shared on your website or blog was hosted on Photobucket. Oh! The panic this must have caused.