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But the furniture is white . . .

March 30, 2015

We painted the walls white. I say that with some trepidation. In my home-improvement related reading, I’ve found people have very strong opinions about white. We’d had deep blue walls for years, and I was just plain tired of it. OK, it also looked like it had been around for years. Paints of the past were not of the same quality as those found today. We also live in a center townhouse, so we only have windows in the front and back of the house. White really brightened things up. What became quickly evident however was that the white furniture that looked fabulous next to the blue walls made the house look like a sanitarium. After searching miles and miles of paint chips. We decided on Valspar’s Jekyll Sans Souci Green with black accents. Valspar has a nice little color selector that allows you to save your colors. I’ve got nothing to disclose here. I paid for the paints I used at Lowes.

Here’s the chip.

jekyll sans souci green

Here are a couple of pieces before the painting.

bathroom cabinet bar cabinet

This is just too much white.

Here are the two pieces of furniture we have in the dining room halfway done.  I used semi-gloss on the bases and gloss on the tops.

dr table half done DR display half done

The top of the table had been painted numerous times. The original finish just didn’t hold up well and I just kept trying different things.

Here are a few of the finished pieces.

finished book case finished DR display finished dr table finished hall short book case finished office

So I haven’t posted since November? Yikes!

March 26, 2015

I love to write. I know, I know. You certainly can’t tell that by the frequency of my blog posts. I’ve been thinking  recently seriously about what to post. I’ve got teaching tips for the library and remodeling ideas to share. But I’ve actually got to stop doing those things to write about them.. It’s just one more evening painting and then that one more becomes a week. Or one more week reorganizing shelves and then it’s a month.  Then some how winter has completely passed and it’s miraculously spring. But I’ve been doing and thinking about writing as I’m doing and then doing some more.

Here is an incomplete list so things I wanted to write about (and maybe I still will . . .)

  • Master bath renovation (1st week of December. Oh my goodness can we say terrible timing many many times?)
  • Stripping wall paper in hall and stairway. Repairing walls.
  • Painting room after room after room.
  • Researching flooring and cabinet paints.
  • Reading numerous (I have absolutely no idea how many) home improvement blogs. There are some fabulous ones out ther btw.
  • Refinishing half our furniture.
  • Just as an aside, I thought being the super worker that I am, I could do the whole house in a year. Wrong. This year will be the main floor. Next year the 2nd floor will get my attention..
  • Wrote an ELA book for Carson-Dellosa.
  • Oh, and I’ve lost 40 pounds.

So that’s been home. Here’s school:

  • Shifting non-fiction to a Dewey-bookstore hybrid.
  • Working on stations to cross grade levels and where the movement and noise level do t drive me completely bonkers.
  • Christmas break to now, working on a ncaa style bracket for favorite books.
  • Still color coding library, labeling . . .
  • Working on making old tittle 1 materials accessible.
  • Book inventory. There’s also that pesky surprise asset tag inventory that came in from the county.
  • Reorganizing guided reading room.
  • Mmmmmmm, I’m forgetting something.
  • Oh, and I teach six classes a day k- 5.

I’ve got pictures of most things, but I’ve realized that I’m a terrible before picture taker. I have a tendancy to jump right in.

I like the overall look of the house, but I think my absolute favorite thing is how the refinished furniture looks. Maybe I’ll talk about that next!

Graphic novel signage

November 26, 2014

This, I want to recreate!

Can we talk about how cool this new sign for our children's graphic novel section is?!?! The "graphic novels" text is even in 3-D! Made by Tina (pictured)!

edited to add OR I would recreate it if I could still see it. Thank goodness there are lots of great ideas out there!

Google inbox

November 26, 2014

 I requested to use Google Inbox. Got the link within 24 hours. I like it. It’s only got one major flaw that I can see and that’s the fact that there is no signature. Since I primarily use my mobile devices, I thought the signature from gmail was there. Everything else seems to be there, but this morning I sent one off on my computer, and on the bigger screen, it was clear that the signature was absent. A little digging proved that signatures are not currently available. Seriously. So now, I’m wondering how many LM_Net emails (where certain identifying requirements are requested) I’ve responded to through inbox.

But, I do like the way it works. It bundles like emails together including those it considers low priority – which you can remove from that list. I’m sure there are some other features besides the signature that its missing. I just don’t know what they are yet. I’ve got at least one invite if anyone is interested.

I’m all about those Books

November 17, 2014

This is great!

Donor’s Choose Project – My Mom’s Ears and My Dad’s Nose: Heredity Stations

November 15, 2014

Please check out my Donor’s Choose project, here. It’s called My Mom’s Ears and My Dad’s Nose. I’m asking for resources on heredity for the 5th graders. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give. Any donations made by November 22 will be matched up to $100.  Use the promo code SPARK during checkout to double your donation.

Thanks so much for looking at this project for our school and library!

Epic for Educators

November 15, 2014

epic for educatorsThis gem came across my facebook feed. It’s only an IOS app. BUT I’ve read several books already on my iPad that I don’t have in my library. Some of the books have a read aloud feature and there is a timer on the books so kids can’t go through them too quickly. I’ve mainly examined the picture books and have read some that I would not have otherwise.

The only thing they ask in return is for you to let parents know about them. That can easily be done on our school webpages. If you have an apple device, give it a try!

See my other recommendations on where to find books.


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