Daniel posted this on facebook not too long ago and I gave it a try. It is for people who work on the same items on multiple computers.


You setup the account and download the dropbox. It sets up in your documents folder. The dropbox site retrieves the files stored on your computer in the dropbox folder. You can do this on as many computers as you want. I cannot download the dropbox on my computer at school, but I access my files through the dropbox site. It would be better if I could download the little retriever, but school computers being what they are, I didn’t really expect it on that end.

What I can do is open the file, work on it, save it and upload it back into my files at the dropbox site. When I get home and open up my computer, I have access to the updated files in my dropbox folder.

If you like this and sign up using the link above, we both get extra storage.

5 thoughts on “Dropbox.com

  1. The link was broken because I only put one p in apprentice. *sigh* fixed it now.

    I have to access it through the dropbox website. It would be EASIER if I could access it with the download file, but this beats the USB drive I keep forgetting! šŸ˜‰

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