moving my primary email

When I first set up gmail, I was selling a lot on eBay, so my primary account was the one with my seller’s name. That was where I made most of my email contacts.

Well, that’s a little behind me now (not completely as I do still sell), but I’ve been meaning to make the changeover to the email account that I really do primarily send and receive from. I’ve got about 10 of the silly things for various reasons – all collected into one sweet little account. I am moving for personal efficiency. Collecting all the emails into the other account worked fine most of the time.

Now, the changeover wasn’t difficult by any means, but it is tedious. (Is because it’s still going on – mainly the collection of all the old emails. Should have emptied the trash first apparently. OR I had no idea how much Id’ been archiving. Many of these are queries from my job search.) Each account has to be reopened and the destination account changed. I had to export my contacts and my reader (that one I had to figure out how to do and ended up with 1000+ non-read items 😉 ).

I do think it will be worth it at the end of all the collections and deletions.


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