Preconferences & School Librarians

If you’ve never been to a preconference, find one and GO! Conferences usually have sessions that are go, go, go, run, run, run! But a preconference is longer and gives you the chance to really engage with the speaker, topic, and attendees.

So, if you could request any preconference that would be the most beneficial to you as a school librarian, what would it be?

what do you want_.png

2 thoughts on “Preconferences & School Librarians

  1. As a newbie school librarian, I would want to be in a room full of other newbies as well as “old pros” so that we could have a time to share and glean wisdom from each other. The speaker could talk about the important roles that mentors have, and why it’s so important to stay connected to one another.

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