By any other name . . .

am I still a librarian?

Periodically, I see districts, schools, and other groups trying to come up with a new name that exactly portrays what we do. I get it. Librarians do EVERYTHING. We want a title (other than super hero) that clearly portrays our job to the world.

Most every profession has changed. Most every professional in most every field has had to take on new and different responsibilities, grow in their technological awareness, and move in directions that just a few years ago, they had no idea would exist. And yet, we still call teachers, principals, salesmen, doctors, lawyers, etc. by the titles they have gone by for years, and everyone understands that their jobs, roles, responsibilities have evolved.

AND here’s what I think has happened in all this effort finding the perfect title in the school library world – no one knows what we do. This pursuit of constantly seeking just the right title has diminished our profession. While people are trying to figure out what to call us, they aren’t thinking about what we do and who we reach. While people are trying to understand the relationship between the media and the library, they assume we no longer have books. Instead of having the opportunity to advocate for libraries in every school, I’m explaining why a school librarian they know is called an information specialist.

I would dearly love for us as a profession to embrace the title of school librarian. Let’s own it. Let’s educate people about what we do. Let’s tell everyone who will listen about the difference school librarian make for students and faculty.

No matter the title, I am a school librarian.



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