New library = messy plans

I accepted a position in an older school. I am ready to get started. I became a librarian for lots of reasons, but one of the main ones is organization. I can organize things, ideas, people – just give me a few minutes. Well, sometimes it takes longer.

The new library is BIG, but it’s older. Things have accumulated. It needs some spit and polish. It needs straightening. And I need to know what’s in it. The only way I know to do that is to go through everything. Resort. Reorganize. Did I mention . . .  I’m ready to get started?

Since I’ve done this before, I’ve got a messy plan of attack.


These are beach plans, working at the pool plans, enjoying the sunrise and sunset plans. Having been in this position before, I’m pretty certain some of this will work like a charm, but every library is different and plans are written to be adjusted.

One thing that’s not on the list is pictures. I need to add that! Last time, I started after school started. I jumped into the murky waters with both feet and didn’t think to take a picture. I’ve got some great after shots to show what it looked like when I left, but no before shots to show the progress we made.

I’m ready to get started!


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