56 days of summer – day 56

Today was the last day I counted for summer vacation. I was totally lazy today, although I did wash clothes and write this post. It was a very full week. I worked three long days at school – mainly cataloging. One day I had to finish my manuscript rewrites and go to a very old friend’s funeral. That was just a tough one. There are technically two days left in summer with this Saturday and Sunday, but those are my coming to grips with vacation is over days. I have got to say that sleeping past sunrise is a gift to cherish!

Recap of my 56 days of vacation.


  • Went to the beach for 8 days in two trips. I love the beach!
  • I wrote and edited one math book for Carson Dellosa. It will be called Applying the Standards – Grade 5. Unlike other books I’ve done for CD, this book is 100% new content and was a ton of fun to write. I got offered another book in this series while we at the beach and was really sad to have to turn that one down.
  • Developed a theme for the library, bb the library passportmade library displays and got them put up.
  • And before I go any farther on library talk, I’ve got to sing the praises of my friend Stephanie (the new librarian at Mineral Springs MS btw). She came in 5 of the 8 days I worked at the library. Not only did this make those days go much quicker, but she did so many things that would be waiting for me to still do. She stamped, labeled, cleaned, stickered, weeded, helped me move computers and offered fabulous advice. I will miss her greatly next year, but wish her the best of luck in her very own school!
  • Reworked library web site.
  • Created for library communication:
    • Blog,
    • FaceBook,
    • Pinterest,
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • Mobile web page
  • Took a course on Copyright. This was through Coursera and was excellent.
  • Began a scope and sequence for K-5th grade library skills. This is almost complete, but needs some tweaking moving items between grade levels. I’ll share it when I’m finished.
  • Attended a webinar on Open House hosted by the Elementary Librarian. If you are looking for ideas, her site is a great place to visit and her webinars have become a regular occurrence.
  • Planned to attend a two-day workshop on Smart Notebook. I got vertigo though and couldn’t go. I thought it was important enough to sign up for, so when I could sit up again, I started searching for info to use at home.
    • Made a Smart Notebook playlist for YouTube.
    • created several activities for the Smart Board
    • Started a list of other ideas that might be appropriate for Smart Lessons
  • Started a FaceBook Group for Librarians to share ideas – please join us!
  • Attended multiple twitter meetings for #NCTLchat on Sunday nights that focus on Teacher Librarians.
  • Gathered ideas for a conference I’ll be leading (with my bud Sarah) in October.
  •  I watched a ton of Netflix.
    • Season 3 of Continuum
    • Call the Midwife
    • Season 3 of Sherlock
    • The Paradise
    • Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
    • No God, No Master
    • I have forgotten some as they were well worth forgetting!
  • I read (although not as many books as usual).
    • Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson (eee OK)
    • Dead is the new black by Christine iDeMaio-Rice – Dead is #1 (Pretty good. Funny)
    • The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson – Longmire #1 (LOVED)
    • Gideon’s Sword by Preston Douglas – Gideon Crew #1 (OK, but probably won’t read any others)
    • Inferno by Dan Brown – (Typical. Require little thought)
    • Adrenaline by Jeff Abbott – Sam Capra #1 (better than I thought it would be. I may read the next)
    • Shroud for a Nightingale – Dalgliesh #4 – (I LOVE Dalgliesh :D). I also read one about Holy Orders.
    • Adrenaline by John Olson (OK)
    • The Abyssinian Proof – Kamil Pasha #2 – (I’ll probably try to find another of these)
    • Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey – Silo #1 (Really liked this one – enough I got the second)
    • Shift by Hugh Howey – Silo #2 – (not as impressed. Won’t be getting #3 anytime soon)
    • Two books on the Big 6. I’d tell you the names but they will NOT come to me.
    • I also read a ton of news and professional articles.
    • I have forgotten some books. They did not all make the expected impression.
  • I shopped, Ron shopped and just when I thought we’d found everything I’d need for the new school year, I’d think of something else. If I haven’t mentioned before *ahem*, I’ll mention now what a good sport he is! He knows where all the teacher supply, dollar stores, book stores and libraries are before we ever take off anywhere! 😀
  • We put together patio furniture and umbrellas. patio 3
  • I worked at school 8 full days and still had time to play with Levi.

There were other things I wanted to do that just didn’t happen. Summer seems endless when it starts. It’s not. But I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t enjoy working at my own pace, at my own computer and in my own living room – usually with my feet up still in my jammies!

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