What is Campbell Brown hiding?

Campbell Brown calls herself a journalist. But more importantly to my role as educator, she’s involved in a couple of initiatives that are pro charter school and more than a tad anti-public school. On the Colbert Report (on which she is called an “education reform advocate”), she made a couple of statements that I’d love to ask her about, so off I go to her facebook page ready to engage in conversation! Silly me! The number of comments is clearly visible on each post, but I can’t see them. Wondering why, but I commented anyway, Now, I can see mine but still no others. The number of comments is growing ,and still I can only see mine! Well, now I can also see a friend’s comments too. Thank you Malinda!

I find it strange that a woman associated with a group called The Parents’ Transparency Group is not transparent. Oh, the irony. 

So what is Campbell Brown actually hiding? If her project is so worthy, why isn’t she engaging the educational community at large in dialogue? Why am I and the other commenters on her facebook page unable to connect? I love to read all sides of an issue, but I want to ask questions when I do that. I want to know where people are coming from, and that level of information takes more than reading a press clipping. 

Guess I’ll have to visit her on twitter instead. 




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