News: Is It a Sin? – Inside Higher Ed

News: Is It a Sin? – Inside Higher Ed.

Prof 1 shares his materials. Prof 2 removes all reference to prof 1 except for a meta tag. It is confirmed in class that he told the students prof 1 wrote the materials. Prof 1 brings a plagiarism suit. Prof 2 found innocent of intentional wrong doing.

There is past friction between the two.

What do you think? Was it plagiarism?


3 thoughts on “News: Is It a Sin? – Inside Higher Ed

  1. I agree with the decision made. It doesn’t sound like he was guilty of INTENTIONAL wrongdoing. Maybe he deserves a slap on the wrist for his unintentional plagiarism, but since the source was cited in class it doesn’t sound like he was trying to imply that it was his own IMHO.

  2. Hmmm, plagiarism?? That’s kind of harsh. But I would say he went about it wrong. And if there was tension betwenn the two previously, then it was unethical.

  3. I’ve been thinking about this. I think the guy was incredibly stupid. When people give you things they created, you gotta give them credit.

    But I’m wondering how I would feel if a student brought me a paper, told me they’d borrowed the work of so-n-so and then didn’t reference so-n-so anywhere in the paper except for some obscure and nearly invisible reference.

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