To use your name or not to use your name

Pulling from Russell Moore’s blog again.

Is It Okay to Use a Fake Name? Your Thoughts?

Is it ok for a Christian to post on the web and not use his real name?


Good discussion going on with the original post btw.

7 thoughts on “To use your name or not to use your name

  1. So, I know you are dying to find out what I think.

    I think if you want any real confidence in your postings, responses, ramblings, you’d better tell us who you are. I also think they should be consistent and measured in reaction as to not hurt your testimony.

    It is understandable why someone might use a pseudonym (although I don’t think there is really a way to hide on the web), but if one is used, it should be used consistently so that you (your personality, beliefs, typos) are connected with that pseudonym.

  2. I have only used my first name because of conditions I have that carry a stigma and I wanted to talk about them now and then, even if not that explicitly, and not be concerned about my full name attached. But as my ability to be employed slips away that doesn’t matter as much. I also am not interested in having high school mates find me and I have to tell them how all my dreams have faded away etc. when they knew me as someone who had a full scholarship.

    I don’t write any scholarly papers or do any teaching type posts so I don’t feel the need to put a real name on them for legitimacy.

    The Top 50 got ahold of my last name so it’s out now anyway.

  3. Jeff, when I first started online, I went by mcdirector (for media center director). I still use that several places because that’s what I started with. But they all know who and where I am now. Even with a handle, I still couldn’t bring myself to write about some of the things (the really old deep dark hurtful things) that I’d gone online hoping to express. I remember typing long old posts and then deleting most of them.

    Then I started to blog …

    The dam got a fairly large crack in it then I think.

  4. It’s a great question, and not one that should be limited to Christians. If there is a legitimate reason for anonymity, I have no problem with it. If it is done out of fear, shame, anger, condemnation or any similar reason, then the poster has bigger issues he or she needs to worry about than keeping hidden.

    And I don’t think Jeff really is all that anonymous. He signs off every comment, “Jeff,” so I don’t think he’s interested in hiding at all.

  5. Hmmm? Is it okay to use a fake name?

    What about all the extra’s, not in the Bible, added to names?

    All those initials, added to names,
    to let folks know what has been accomplished.

    Is the name now “Fake,” not genuine, a pretense, a trick.

    When you add to the name, doesn’t that change the name?
    Change the impression you have of the person?
    Make it something different then the original name?
    Is it an attempt to create influence, prestige, recognition, honor?
    Is that ethical?

    Are we, as Christians,
    supposed to be drawing attention to ourselves?
    creating prestige and recognition for ourselves?
    honoring ourselves?

    What about “Titles,” that are not in the Bible, added to the name?

    Reverend, Right Reverend, Clergy, Doctor, Senior Pastor, Pope?

    Is that ethical? Spiritually?
    From what Jesus taught His disciples?
    I receive not honor from man.
    If I honor myself my honor is nothing.
    I seek not my own glory.

    Do “Titles” come with something a little bit extra?
    Power, profit, prestige, recognition, reputation…?

    If I need letters and Titles to create honor and prestige
    so people will look up to me?

    Who added “Titles” to their name to cause me
    to idolize and look up to them?

    Why are we not looking up to Jesus?

    Why isn’t Jesus enough?

    Jesus… Our all in all…

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