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56 days of summer – 31

July 21, 2014

The Cold Dish Yesterday, I did seriously write before and after church. I have approximately 4 more pages of content (unless I decide one of these last topics needs more, then I have to discard earlier work). It was exhausting and extremely satisfying.

I’m in a Smart Notebook workshop Tues & Wed. I’ve got to go in today and get the program loaded on my computer. I’ll think I’ll stay and work a while. Always something to do donchano!

I started a Longmire book, The Cold Dish. Having just finished a Dan Brown book, these chapters are really meaty! Surprisingly, it’s terribly funny in parts.

Last night, I was in a twitter chat. Sedley Abercrombie (another NCSLMA Emerging Leader) founded this Sunday night chat. 7:30 pm. #NCTLchat. Topic is different each week. Don’t have to join in the conversation, but you’ll have a hard time not jumping in! You don’t have to be in NC to participate. This week was on Promoting the Library with Elissa MalespinaEdie Crook shared her LiveBinder for Media Center PR and Advocacy.

This check list for AASL standards came across my feed.


56 days of summer – 29

July 19, 2014
outdoor lights

Got NO writing done today. Slept in a bit. Read on the deck for a while. Ron and I ran errands. Where did the day go?

Friend came over for dinner last night. It was raining, but temp was soooo nice, we sat out on the deck and we talked for HOURS! It got dark though, and I realized we could either sit in the dark or I could keep getting up and waving at the light that comes on automatically. We sat in the dark. Hopefully no more! We got some solar powered lights! Of course today wass cloudy, so they might even be brighter after a sunny day. They are enough light you can see others. Yeah! Mission accomplished. 

56 days of summer – 28

July 18, 2014
bb the library passport

I believe 28 makes this the halfway mark of summer!

Yesterday I spent the day at school. Thanks to Stephanie for all her hard work! Moving along at a much quicker clip because she is so generous with her time. Ron came in and the three of us shifted the computer tables.

The theme is coming together nicely. All those letters I’ve been cutting out have come together as have the few modes of transportation I’ve completed. I’ll work on getting some of the other pictures on blog tomorrow.

I’ve been rewriting the parts of my book ms, so nothing terribly new has popped off my fingertips except for making some of the problems much stronger.

Apollo 11

July 16, 2014

Several of my friends have been posting about Apollo 11 today. I have a slight personal connection. My dad worked on Apollo 11 in a contract communications position. Here is a memento he received for his role in this project.

1 photo 01_zps59cbf8da.jpg


The book was rather puffy, so I just took pix with my phone.

56 days of summer – 26

July 16, 2014

Yesterday, I hit the halfway mark in my manuscript. Today is also dedicated to writing. Wondering if 3/4 is too much for which to hope. I’m am seriously disliking fractions found in the real world at the moment ;) Writing math problems makes for a pretty boring report.

I did sneak in a few other things. Still looking for some books to fill out series. Still cutting out letters. I am about to move on to modes of transportation!


56 days of summer – 24

July 14, 2014
patio 3

Saturday was really full. I worked on the math book. 8/60 pages completed for first draft and some of that was edited pretty heavily. Ate lunch with Blythe, Joe and Levi. Then Ron and I put together some wicker-esk patio furniture. Then it was dark and ,all I could do was sit on it and eat sugar-free Popsicles.

Sunday was church, lunch with the Maleks :D Cut out letters when I wasn’t napping.

My husband makes a wonderful cup of coffee, btw.

Today - dedicated to writing and working on the library theme. OK mainly writing, theme will give me a some breaks.


56 days of summer – 21

July 11, 2014

Today, I assembled a 10′ side hanging umbrella and base – w almost 200 lbs of sand. I kept having to take apart what I’d done. Instructions were ok but not great. We did have one busted part. Company was great to work with on replacement – at least initially. Hopefully it will get here soon.


I also rearranged the living room and cut out a ton of letters.


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