Summer is on the decline

For the last several years, I’ve written a “what I did on my summer vacation” post. Mainly to show that it’s no 3 month vacay. (And 3 months!? Really?) So here goes.

  • Week long training at UNCG for clinical teachers.
  • Had my “read and ride” donors choose grant funded.
  • Went through the TED-X application process. (Accepted btw)
  • PD on Exploring NC Digitally. Thanks to NCSLMA.
  • Worked on campus about 20 days. I lost track. I was in more than I intended.
  • Wrote 2 math books for Carson Dellosa – a 4th and a 5th. This took up the majority of summer.
  • Went to the mountains for a few days with my girlfriends.
  • Attended multiple meetings for school or NCSLMA.
  • Applied for an admin program and scheduled a retirement meeting. The coupling of these two is bizarre, but I’m planning for every contingency. Mwahahaha

What I planned but didn’t do:

  • Rework my school web page.
  • Practice my Spanish.
  • Plan like a library demon.
  • Read a book a week. I read, but . . .
  • Exercise like I wanted. I did but it was not at the level I planned.

The math books threw things off plan, but will pay for my new grad school endeavors.

What I worked in just because it was summer:

  • I ate watermelon. Pure ambrosia.
  • I went to the pool.
  • I napped.
  • I watched some Netflix.

Not an overly exciting time in my life, but bunches accomplished. And I got to spend some time (not enough) with old and new friends!


56 days of summer – 16

photo 2Church this a.m.

Since it’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood, I fought seriously with some ground cover this afternoon. Then placed some concrete squares for steps from my house to my neighbors! They had actually been visible years ago, but the ground cover took over and they shifted. So, I cleared an area and did some digging and voila – they look almost like new.

I also cut out a dead shrub. Greenery looks so much better when it’s green!


56 days of summer – 14

Today is the 4th of July. American Independence. I watched a sad video where people could tell what they do on the day but not what the day represents. I was going to make a comment, but then I saw two posts in the few on the screen that bashed teachers for this lack of knowledge. I don’t know about you, but I did not need to go to school to know what we celebrate on July 4!

The day was not much different for me (since it is one of my summer days!). It was a beautiful day, so I read on the back deck for a while finishing Adrenaline. Then I:

  • Cut out letters for banners in the library.
  • Worked on the student page of the library website.
  • Got a few station activities started.
  • Cleaned out my desk and the office closet. (Which means a boatload of stuff for recycling and the shredder.)
  • Started looking over the assignment for the 5th grade math book.
  • Cooked out on the same deck 😉
  • Watched all of season 1 of The Paradise. This is a cute show if you haven’t looked at it yet. There are only 8 shows in the first season.
  • I also watched a movie called Today’s Special which was surprisingly funny. That was nice after I thought it might just be stupid. I’ve started too many shows or movies lately that just can’t hold my attention.

Beautiful rendition of The Star Spangled Banner

56 days of summer – 13

Nowhere I had to be today (for the first day this week). Really nice feeling! I worked on the web page some more. I made some little boxes using a table for buttons. The boxes are different colors and the font color is white. After linking them up, I found there was no way to keep the link white after it’s been clicked. There are ways, but none that I could get to work in school wires.

Here’s what it looks like without the links:

button table








Tomorrow, I’ll have to see about making an image map instead of the links like I normally make them.

I also got a contacted today for a 5th grade math book. Yeah.

56 days of summer – 8

USDAFor those of you who like to count something about your food, this site has some great numbers.




slidesharenumbersLook at these view numbers! Always amazes me when I get a Slide Share update and I see numbers in the 10,000s for views.








Worked on the alphabetizing game started the other day. NOT finished yet 😉 Started a new book: Adrenaline