Kinders and the first weeks of school

What to do with Kinders/1st grade the first week of school. Mmmmm

Those early lessons are always a dilemma for me. I’ve got a lesson planned using David Goes to School. I’m really happy with the lesson, but I’m thinking it might not have enough pop for the first week. I’d love for the kids to check out books. So, I’ve been digging, and I found this: Children’s Book Week: Kindergarten Style

What a great idea! Essentially kids are playing musical books (without anyone being eliminated). Kids are moving, exposed to a variety of books, and then they check one out. I think this one is a definite keeper.


This has been a great week!

And it has been fabulous! Classes have gone smoothly. Students have been¬†engaged. I went to an inspiring after school meeting with WFU and Donor’s Choose.

So why am I pooped!?

Speaking of Donor’s Choose. These are the computer-related books for The Great Computer Mystery!¬†We just got some more in yesterday and they haven’t been cataloged yet! Can’t wait to get them all into the hands of students!