time to write

writing-1209121_640.jpgI’m sitting here at work thinking about my commitment to writing. I love to write! So what’s the real problem? It’s that right this moment, I’m doing all the things that I don’t have time to do in the school year. I’m working on reports, I’m fixing bar codes and spine labels, I’m trying to decide if I can effectively organize all that stuff that I just dropped in a drawer all school year. In addition, I may have over extended myself just a tad. (Don’t laugh!) I’m conference chair for a state organization, and I’m on two state-level committees. mmmmm I’ve written about this seriously disturbing condition before. In my mind, I’m some librarian wonder-woman. In my mind, I can accomplish anything – only to be smacked in the face with my very real surroundings.

So writing takes a back seat again. Well, maybe not today. Maybe today, I’ll spend a few minutes writing. Then when I get back to the bar codes and spine labels, maybe I’ll think of a little something to write about tomorrow.