Facebook finds my blog offensive or unsafe!

Or someone associated with it does. Seriously! I talk about school libraries.

Facebook changed some rules for WordPress auto posting on 8/1. I though my posts weren’t posting because of that. So, I read WordPress’s suggestion about setting up a page. Then I followed Facebooks instructions for doing that, changed my Facebook link on my WordPress dashboard, and waited. Not working. So I use the Facebook share button and get this:

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 5.41.05 PM


So I tried to just post by copying the link. That time I get a message that the url can’t be found. Yes, it can. You just don’t want to find it!

I tried to post the URL in a comment and got this sweet note:

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 5.24.11 PM.png

Other people have told me that they can’t go to Jack of All Trades through facebook because its flagged as malicious. Malicious? Really?

So, someone reported my blog for something OR I got caught in a blog dragnet! I have clicked on and replied to the Let Us Know link above. Now I wonder how long it will take them to respond?

And here I am right in the middle of my series about stations. Makes me sad . . .


I have a blackberry

Blackberries are nice in a pinch. They really are. Have you tried existing on one for a week? Ok it wasn’t even a week. It was days only days. Friday to Thursday. ACK it was a week.

Woefully insufficient. I’m not sure woefully will cut it here. Desperately, terribly, lamentably . . . well, surely you get the picture!

I was able to read my favorite blogs. I even responded to a couple. I was able to read personal email, but I couldn’t get into my corporate email because I’d forgotten to log out before I’d shut the computer the last time I was online. *ahem* Haven’t even tackled that bear yet and may just let it wait until Monday. Does it matter if it’s turned into a brown bear or a grizzly?

Have you ever tried reading a really long and passionate thread on the baptistboard.com on a blackberry? Well, why do I care why someone is fighting for the rights of KJVO anyway? Not my fight. Why am I drawn to it like a moth to the proverbial flame?

Have you ever read a blog that is on a dark background in little bitty black font. *bleh* And just why do the comments take so long to come up anyway?

Or web pages? They take too long to load. It’s all so inconvenient. There is no flash! What do you mean I can’t see the page because it’s in flash. Double *sigh*

But there I sat each day sloshing through iddy biddy page after page reading like my life depended on it. Ron just read the paper.