Charming student behavior

My kids were ready for a fight with anyone who looked cross-eyed at them today, so these articles caught my eye when I was scrolling through the reader.

First one was about a teen who stabbed another one over a doughnut. Yes, a doughnut.

Second one was about a kid who was hurt on the bus. Seems someone threw a pottery tool through the air and it hit her in the face.



colorful crates

I’ve been going through teaching materials. Chunking, recycling, packing away for another time and place.

I’ve got to get appropriate materials to the new school though. I’ve got banker’s boxes that I’ve been using for 15 years! (Oh my goodness!) Boxes – you have to load and unload. Figure out what to do with the stuff and the boxes themselves.

So, I started looking for crates and found these. Once, I get there, I’ll have books and supplies already in a bookcase ready to be stacked into position.

Beyond the call of duty

I was walking out of the counselor’s office (across the hall from my classroom)


Well, that’s just how fast things happen don’t they! I got hit by a running kid. A kid who was supposed to be sitting in my class. Since I was a few minutes late, he thought he could sneak off to his locker like The Flash. I was still halfway in the door so it didn’t knock me over. I was knocked into the door frame. He’s sprawled all over the floor laughing. I’m not. It surprised me. I’m trying to figure out if I’m hurt, if he’s hurt. People come running. At least my class has the good sense to act concerned.

Now I’m feeling a bit like I’ve been in an accident – sore from head to toe. I do hope the kid’s ok . . . We had a wreck – minus the vehicles.