Elizabeth Edwards Leaves Husband John Out Of Will

Now doesn’t that title just say it all! And why in the world would she leave him anything?

The News & Observer reported Thursday that Elizabeth Edwards left all her possessions to her three surviving children. Her last will and testament names as the executor of her estate her eldest child, lawyer Cate Edwards.


Will Mark Foley Bring Down The Repulican Party

This is in today’s issue of Newsweek.com .


The secret world of Mark Foley—and the denial and bumbling of the House leaders
who possibly did not want to know too much about that world—is beginning to
emerge in bits and pieces of lurid detail. What actually happened—from the
moment that Hill staffers first became aware of Congressman Foley’s unusual
interest in teenage congressional pages—is the source of intrigue,
finger-pointing, shock, fear and loathing on Capitol Hill and of endless
fascination around the country. No wonder: the political fortunes of the
Republican Party hang in the balance.

My question is:
Would the Dems have handled the situation differently?

Personally, I don’t believe they would have. I think both parties are looking out only for their interests. I think most members of both parties will say or do anything to expedite their cause.

The rest of the article is here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15178112/site/newsweek/

To the side of the article is a photo gallery of Washington’s sex scandals. It’s a mmmmmmm trip down scandal lane