I thought we had an order coming in from the bindery last Tuesday, but they were a no show. So I cataloged DVDs that I’d let stack up. I hate cataloging DVDs. Several of them looked interesting though, so I brought them home. I thought I’d write a critique of a few – some are good, some were NOT.

Bella was good, really good. It’s by Lionsgate, a company that is generally trustworthy as far as putting a movie on the Media Center shelf. It is PG 13 so it’s not for the very young.

It is not an overtly Christian movie. The main family are Spanish speaking so part of the movie is sub-titled. There is death, there is life. There is pig-headedness. There is forgiveness – forgiveness of others and forgiveness of self. There are some who cannot forgive or let go. This is a sanctity of life movie about decisions that are hard to make. Not all the decisions made were right. Some of the decisions were life changing and brutal. It was heart breaking at parts. The main family was loving and supportive. The husband adored his wife and children!

This is not a brilliant movie and it did drag at parts, but it was well worth the watch and may well be good to use with youth groups for a sanctity of life Sunday or with school groups for sex-ed lessons – except you can’t. Even with a CVLI license, it’s not covered. Bummer.