Sherlock Holmes

Usually, we go to see a movie on Christmas afternoon weather permitting. Late afternoon, we went to see Sherlock Holmes. I really enjoyed it and they set it up for more with Professor Moriarty. I loved the interaction between Holmes and Watson. Just like an old married couple.

The two chased all over England trying to apprehend a dead man – this was after they’d found him the first time and been the cause of his demise. Lots of action. Some hints into Watson’s personality besides him just being a loyal lap dog to Holmes. AND this Holmes was a first class mess. Dirty, messy, mean at times.


Christmas movie meme

Jason tagged me for favorite Christmas movies.

The Shop around the corner with Jimmy Stewart. Cute movie and it’s got Jimmy Stewart in it AND it’s not A Wonderful Life. I like that one, but it’s really on overload. I don’t see this one every year, so it’s a real treat when it shows up when I’ve got AMC on.

The Bishop’s Wife. What’s not to like about a gal realizing she really loves her husband.

White Christmas. I love the dance scenes in this one. It is what I put on every year when I put up the trees.

A Christmas Story (This is one movie that I remember laughing so hard I cried the first time I saw it. It’s still good, but not like it was watching it without having a clue what it was about!)

I can’t think of anymore right now that I really look forward to watching each year, but I may add to the list as it gets closer to Christmas.

This Holiday Weekend

Besides sleeping in, I’ve finished all the essays, quizzes, reading for 6010 and only have left the construction of the term paper on Privacy Issues and Libraries. OK, I may need to do a little more research on the topic if I see any holes. It’s not due until 12/8, so I’m thinking I may pull this off with out too much fret. (This was much of the weekend btw.) Look up articles, visit. Read articles, visit. Take notes on articles, visit. Write, visit. 😉

We got Brandon to the airport so he can be back at church tomorrow.

We went to see a movie, The Blind Side. If you haven’t seen it, it’s wonderful. I’d like to read the book now. It was one of those stories where I kept saying to myself, “Can’t you see God working?!” Amazing!

OH and we went to a WFU BB game Tuesday night. There is another tonight.

I fixed fresh green beans for Thanksgiving day. We got the skinny french ones and I cut off the ends. Washed them, covered them with ice water and several teaspoons of vegetable bouillon. Cooked them for six hours on high. They were fabulous. Still a tad crunchy. mmmmmm


I reviewed Bella last year. Touching movie.

This is from BreakPoint about Bella being used in prisons with some heartwarming results:

Since the movie won the People’s Choice Award in 2007 at the Toronto Film Festival, and was released later that year, efforts have been underway to get the movie into all crisis pregnancy centers across America. But according to an article in the National Catholic Register, new efforts are underway to get this life-changing film into prisons across America. The cook, Jose, is a great example of a man whose life has been devastated by a mistake, but who has used that mistake to turn his life around and do something redemptive with the days he has left. I think this film could have just as big an impact in the prison community as it has in the community of crisis care, where initial reports say that over 100 people have contacted the Bella production company to say that they decided to keep their baby as a result of seeing the film.

I am Legend

Nick’s got a discussion going on about vampire movies in which I am Legend comes up.

If you haven’t read the short story and you are a sci-fi fan, do. It’s great!

Nick mentioned an alternate ending to the movie that I didn’t know about. I saw the movie at the movies (ha, that doesn’t usually happen!), and then it kept coming on Cinemax, so I never rented it.

You can see the alternate ending here.

Here’s the 1964 version with Vincent Price:

3 Movie Meme

Jason tagged me for this meme. Jason had been tagged by Matt, the meme originator it appears.

Two old:

Ben Hur

The Ten Commandments

Two new: (I do know that’s more than three 😉 )

The Final Inquiry

One Night with the King

I think if I start tagging, we’ll be in for tag overlap, so if you haven’t been tagged, please share your favorites and give me a ping 😛


Shergar is the story of a race horse – kidnapped and killed. I’m sure I’d heard about it but forgotten the story. I picked up a $5 movie in the bin at Walmart.

The movie was good, but romantacized. Unwanted boy, fabulous horse, tinker with beautiful granddaughter. The real story – tragic but terrible interesting. The two stories (real and fiction) merge in beautiful Ireland with the IRA kidnapping Shergar for ransom that won’t be paid. Both end tragically with the death of this beautiful animal.

The movie didn’t get very good ratings, but I viewed it with no history and no expectations, so I liked it.

This video shows an entire race You can see his white face and four white socks clearly. Also a couple of famous race attendees are seen near the beginning.

Star Trek

I went to see this on Wednesday and forgot to mention it. DO NOT call me a doofus for this oversight! Please remember that my brain is occupied right now in ways it’s not used to. (*ahem* job search 😉 )

When it was over, I really did think “wow! That was absolutely GREAT!” There were times when the younger Kirk and Spock looked so like their predecessors.

There was one part that I thought – that is so hokey but so Star Trek – When Kirk was being applauded for saving the universe and mankind as we know it (for the first time at any rate). Reminded me of another scene in another ST movie.

Great Flick!


Without a computer for a week, I visited, read, and watched. My plans (this morning at least) are to go to the media center and catalog this afternoon, so many of these movies will go back then.

Some of these are bombs. Some were merely ok. Some were surprisingly good. I didn’t watch them all on the trip. Some I watched before and just didn’t get to write about before because, well we were getting ready for Christmas and Christmas travel after all!

How Jesus Died: the final 18 hours by Trinity Pictures LTD. Surprisingly good. A mixture of scholarly interviews, archeological relics, and classical art. I haven’t cataloged this one yet to know if it’s on CVLI’s list, but I would love to use it in my Life of Christ course at Easter.

How the Bible Came To Be by Gospel Communications. Not worth the price of the disc.

The Wager with Randy Travis by Pure Flix. Not bad. Loosely based on the Sermon on the Mount. Will we stand for Christ when we lose everything?

Behind the mask by GTMedia. I had actually mis-categorized this one. I thought it was fiction, but it is a biography about Dr. Robert Shushan and a man named James Jones. It too was surprisingly good. I’ve come not to expect too much from Christian kind of movies though (like much of Christian fiction – although it is greatly improving) so this may not be saying a whole lot. This movie also has some big name in it. Matthew Fox, Donald Southerland, Bradley Whitford. Shushan runs a center at which Jones works. Shushan reaches out to him. Jones is VERY needy. Damn is used a couple of times.

Prince Caspian. I loved it.

The Final Inquiry by Fox Faith. This was great. Questionable history in parts, but very well made and thought provoking. Another I’d like to use at least in part with my class after Easter.

Pilgrim’s Progress: Journey to Heaven A Modern Retelling of John Bunyan’s Clasic Story. DRC Films. I couldn’t get through it. I tried several times and kept falling asleep.

Robots by TCF. This we found at Best Buy on one of their $4.99 specials. I usually don’t find the movies that they have on sell for that price, but they had 2 of these left. It was cute, really cute. Nice values. Good guy wins. Father loves his family. Kid appreciates that. Folks band together. It works.