Professional Meetings

Today was the professional meeting for Library Media Coordinators for WSFCS. Mixed emotions on these. I’d always rather be at my school – this week is a tough one regardless of how ready I’ve ever felt walking into it. To many things to do! However, it’s valuable to meet with others in the same job listening and talking with them about what we have in common and how our schools are different and the things we do. 

I got lots of ideas from today. Some I’d already been thinking on and some were new. I’d been planning on doing stations this year, but I heard some other ways librarians are using stations with students. We talked about different ways to do literacy, maker spaces, gaming, data uses. We had a gal from MackinVia come to speak with us. I haven’t been able to log into that, but based on what we saw today, I think it could be great! We talked about county things that are not so exciting but that are good to know like evaluations. 

Tomorrow, I have to hit the library thinking about Thursday’s open house. I need signs and signups for volunteers and the book fair. I need to find out about a drawing I’d like to have. I’ve got some ideas for signs.

And not to change the subject to abruptly, but did you know Dot Day is coming up?



56 days of summer – 31

The Cold Dish Yesterday, I did seriously write before and after church. I have approximately 4 more pages of content (unless I decide one of these last topics needs more, then I have to discard earlier work). It was exhausting and extremely satisfying.

I’m in a Smart Notebook workshop Tues & Wed. I’ve got to go in today and get the program loaded on my computer. I’ll think I’ll stay and work a while. Always something to do donchano!

I started a Longmire book, The Cold Dish. Having just finished a Dan Brown book, these chapters are really meaty! Surprisingly, it’s terribly funny in parts.

Last night, I was in a twitter chat. Sedley Abercrombie (another NCSLMA Emerging Leader) founded this Sunday night chat. 7:30 pm. #NCTLchat. Topic is different each week. Don’t have to join in the conversation, but you’ll have a hard time not jumping in! You don’t have to be in NC to participate. This week was on Promoting the Library with Elissa MalespinaEdie Crook shared her LiveBinder for Media Center PR and Advocacy.

This check list for AASL standards came across my feed.


56 days of summer

or is it 40. I couldn’t decide to count the the weekends or not, but I wanted to use the time to get back in the habit of blogging and thought this would the be perfect time to do it. So, for habits sake, I’m going to count the weekends!

Last week was a work week. There are so many things that have to be done that just don’t happen when the students are there. I don’t ever want to sound like I don’t love most every minute that I’m with students. I do. So many things pile up though: series needing new call numbers, books to process, books to fix, weeding, shifting, book room, deleting lost materials and that doesn’t even touch lesson plans and materials. I couldn’t believe the amount of things we got through last week and still have so much left to do.

But, today is the first day of summer, and while I’ll have to address the left overs at some point, we are going to the beach. I’ve got items for the library to cut out on the drive and of course books to read. Hoping for a lovely and lazy few days.