Brinkley, Cronkite, & Reasoner

I’m contemplating years gone by. Don’t get me wrong. I love 21st century living. If I need the answer to a question, I look it up or phone a friend. No more having to wait until I can find just that cookbook or lug out the old encyclopedias. I forgot to tell Ron something, I text him. I know people that I have never met in person, and I’ve met people in person that I never would have had the chance to meet in another time. Twenty-first Century living is amazing!

One 21st century thing that has NOT advanced society though is 24/7 news. What a lot of pressure to come up with enough “news” to fill every waking (oh wait! even every non-waking) hour of the day. So, we hear the same important news interviewing the same witnesses and experts (or not so expert) over and over and over again until we either don’t care or have gone into some kind of desperate breakdown, OR we get ridiculously trite information that no one should know about anyone.  Thank you Ted Turner.

Hence the contemplation. I kind of miss the news coming on at 6 and 10 pm from my Texas childhood. We trusted Brinkley, Cronkite, and Reasoner (at least those are the ones I vaguely remember) to give us 30 minutes of mostly important stuff ,and then we read the rest in the newspaper. Which is another story altogether. We haven’t had a paper on par with the Houston Chronicle since we left. We’ve been gone a long time though. Maybe the Chronicle isn’t as good as the Chronicle anymore either.


Dozens Of Police Break Up Brawl At Church

Really now.

A dispute over leadership at a Henderson County church has turned from angry words to fist fights.


About 30 police officers from five agencies were called to break up fights Sunday at Greater New Zion Baptist Church in Fletcher.

30 policemen? how sad.

Dozens Of Police Break Up Brawl At Church – Winston-Salem News Story – WXII The Triad.

I’d like to go to Italy!

via UWM students unhappy about basketball trip – JSOnline.

do you think they’d think twice about sending the MLS cohort?

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Association is grumbling about the decision to send the school’s basketball players, staff and some guests on a trip to Italy next month.

The association – the same organization that backed a $25 per student per semester fee to raise money to renovate the Klotsche Center or build a new arena – argues this is no time to be heading overseas while the Athletic Department has a deficit as high as $8 million.

The trip is expected to cost $160,000.

mmmm only $160,000. What in the world is going on here? I’m not even a student at UWM and this irritates me.

Secular Syria’s veil ban

Secular Syria’s veil ban – Religion – Blogs.

This showed up on my reader in two places today.

Syria bans face veils at universities

Absolutely amazing. In an effort to ward off religious extremism, Syria has banned the niqab for teachers and students in the university classroom.

My thoughts here are two-fold. Will this be a freeing experience for women as they shed their niqabs for the classroom or will these women stall or stop their educations as they deal with religious life vs the secular one.

Police officer assaulted by bubbles! girl goes to jail

oh my goodness!

Toronto police officer follows through on threat to arrest G20 activist for blowing bubbles during a mass detention in Toronto’s Parkdale community.

Blowing bubbles! Which she put away!

Police officer had and attitude and a half. Of course, I’m not sure attitude accurately describes what he had. Poor girl would have been better served to have hung head low and not said a word.