Emergency Room Visits

I had to take Ruth to the emergency room today. She didn’t make it to Chapel. Who spoke, what was said, I don’t remember. I got back to my classroom and Pam was waiting for me. Ruth is at the office and I’m to take her to the hospital. She’s having chest pains.

So I spend a few minutes readying things for a sub to walk in behind me and off I go. We are of course sisters having been through this before. I am the natural one to take her.

They get her into an ER cubical. She is hooked up, wired up, NitroGlycerined up. She is probed, poked. Lunch time comes and goes. I know the school is waiting for an answer but we have none to call them with. We are both starving. She can’t eat. Well, in reality, I can’t either because there is nothing to eat. mmmmm We finally break the rules and call our husbands and the school to report . . . nothing whatsoever.

The highlight of the day was when they brought in some machine to do something (the day is such a blur that I don’t remember exactly what test it was for) and the doctor said, “This will never do, she’s much too tiny for this!” We both rolled with that after all the trouble she’d gone through to lose weight!

Way after dinner time, they announce that they have a room for her. Just precautionary as she’s not had a heart attack. They are sure her chest pains are related to her surgery. After getting her settled in the room, I head back to church to close down her classroom, pick up her things and deliver her car to the house. I drop my bag in the parking lot (I am carrying two sets of things – briefs, purses – and she parks on the other side of the world from me). A woman passes by and says, “Awww, too bad.” I know I scowl. She of course has no idea the length of my day.

Have I mentioned how wonderful Ron is lately? He picks me up from Ruth’s house and takes me out for a long awaited meal. What was it? Doesn’t matter! It was warm, filling and with him.