Stanford University confronts the graying of academia

Stanford is apparently such a great place to work that none of the faculty want to retire! Amazing. I do love to learn from the masters, but new blood is certainly appealing too.

Stanford University confronts the graying of academia – San Jose Mercury News.


With the state struggling monetarily, this is surprising

Public Employee Pension Information Kept Secret

Kept secret? Apparently the info is there that money is going out, but what it’s for . . . well, that’s the big unknown.

State records show that more than 260 former public employees in North Carolina receive annual payment of $100,000 or more but no one can find out how they earned those pensions.

I just made my way though my school district’s proposal (or the beginning of the process) for next year’s budget. State people just don’t seem to think. Our county’s allocation from the state will be cut (again), and yet the governor’s office recommends a pay raise for teachers and site based principals. How in the world will that happen?

The county I live in is already looking at layoffs and furloughs. Furloughs are a joke anyway. They can only be taken on certain work days and the time period last year included the end and beginning of year work days. NOT days that are easily taken.

Some education-related articles

State EOG exams open for scrutiny This is your personal EOG. The old tests have been released (at least to teachers) for practice. But, previously you have not been able to see your test and how you were graded – only your grade.

Furloughs hit local teachers hard Teachers are having a hard time fitting the 10-hour furlough time in to counter that pay cut last Spring. Imagine that!

Certification Of Teachers as Painful Farce States play a guessing game with what is actually accepted and not for re-certification. Hours are also an issue. CEI courses are counted one way. College courses are counted another. I’ve actually called the state, talked with one person to get one answer. Called back to talk again and been given different info.

EDUCATIONAL CRISIS Failure to serve the best and brightest adequately.

My Teacher, My Hero Has a great teacher inspired you? Here’s a place to talk about him/her beginning Tuesday September 8.

Barak Obama to speak to nation’s school children

I’d like to know what you think about the event?

This is the blurb from the local news:

Local Educators, Parents Sound Off On Obama Speech

Rankin (mentioned in the article and video) is not far from the school I’m at.

We were only told to show it. Nothing was said (or handed out) about follow-up assignments. While, not a supporter of Obama’s policies, I wondered why this has not been an annual event. The president and even governors welcoming school children back to school as well as encouraging them in their studies.

Edited to add a link to Rutherford Lawson’s comments on the subject.

Edited again to add a link to Abraham Piper’s comments.

Yes, I’m editing it again to add: Group prays for ‘unpatriotic’ schools ’spitefully’ using children in Obama fracas. Spitefully? Seems a bit strong there doesn’t it?

Al Mohler has commented on the topic in a very wise way IMHO.

President Obama’s speech is now available.