56 days of summer – 35

Today, my goal is to complete the MS for this math book, then let it sit until Monday for another round of editing. I’d also love to finish with my vehicles and get the BB paper cleaned up out of the guest room! I can do mess for a short period, but there comes a point that it wears on my nerves.

Cheryl Ristow postedĀ a video this morning of a teacher decorating his room. It is not all practical, but I do love his enthusiasm. I have done some impractical things in my room (even knowing they were impractical) because I loved the way they looked and HOPE really does spring eternal donchano. I didn’t do themes in my classrooms – well, I did, but the theme was Math. šŸ˜‰ I’m doing my second one in the library now and I love how the theme can tie things together. I love the filming theme he uses. Got to add that to my Pinterest board!



Barb Kibler shared a Buzzfeed Link – 35 Money Saving DYIs for the ClassroomĀ from 2013. I realize this kind of teacher craftiness is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve tried many of these things. I cannot tell you how many stacking boxes and cans (metal and plastic) I’ve repurposed over the years. Sometimes what I ended up making was NOT less expensive because of covering it (or, yes, even the mistakes I made), but I just couldn’t find something to fit a purpose. I would recommend finding boxes from a source other than the Post Office. Those are clearly marked that they are for USPS use only. But once you start collecting boxes, they multiply quickly.


paint chip calendar

New American Academy in Brooklyn Is an Experiment in Class Size – NYTimes.com

New American Academy in Brooklyn Is an Experiment in Class Size – NYTimes.com.

Title is actually:

60 First Graders, 4 Teachers, One Loud New Way to Learn

Problem is, it doesn’t sound like anyone is learning …

Research design and sampling

The portion of the text I’m working on right now involves research design. The research designs are interesting enough, although I don’t really think I’m all that interested in conducting my own research. However, I have been thinking about things I could do in the classroom that would be quasi-research in scope and possibly beneficial to how I teach. There is the possibility of pre-testing and post-testing and teaching the different classes using differing techniques to see if one method was truly more beneficial than another.

The portion of this section that is most interesting to me however is the randomized sampling techniques based on statistical probability or those not based on probability. That would be the part of research I could enjoy I think.

The next section is on data collection and I’m pretty sure with my background I’m going to enjoy that one.

Some education-related articles

State EOG exams open for scrutiny This is your personal EOG. The old tests have been released (at least to teachers) for practice. But, previously you have not been able to see your test and how you were graded – only your grade.

Furloughs hit local teachers hard Teachers are having a hard time fitting the 10-hour furlough time in to counter that pay cut last Spring. Imagine that!

Certification Of Teachers as Painful Farce States play a guessing game with what is actually accepted and not for re-certification. Hours are also an issue. CEI courses are counted one way. College courses are counted another. I’ve actually called the state, talked with one person to get one answer. Called back to talk again and been given different info.

EDUCATIONAL CRISIS Failure to serve the best and brightest adequately.

My Teacher, My Hero Has a great teacher inspired you? Here’s a place to talk about him/her beginning Tuesday September 8.