Organizing personal libraries

Many of my blogging friends have extensive libraries. Organizing them can be a nightmare. Mine is a mess since I’ve gone back to school. In this cataloging course, I had to look at Integrated Library Systems and found some that are open-source so they have potential for large personal libraries. The one I researched extensively, Evergreen, is for public libraries that are consortium members, so that is not really an option. However, the second one on my list, Koha, was developed for the smaller library in mind and I’m thinking I might give it a try at home. You can see what the interface looks like by choosing a library from their showcase.

Delicious Library 2. This is really interesting looking and has a lot of visual appeal, but it’s apparently only for Macs. Try it for free. $40 if you like it. Media Man is a windows alternative. Also $40. Book Collector. Looks very much like Delicious, but has a $30-50 price tag for the standard/pro versions. There is a free trial and you can publish your book collection online.

BiblioteQ. I like the screen shots on this one. Some of these just don’t show many, but this one gives several behind-the-scenes views. This one also mentions Z39.50 protocol which I’ve not seen too many places. Also open source.

Books organized by color. The idea of this absolutely drives me nuts, but it sure is nice to look at.

Tim Challies describes his personal library. I imagine it’s much like many of the bloggers I know.