Google Power Searching Course

I meant to post this earlier and flat out forgot! Google is offering a free course on Power Searching. I just finished the first class and learned enough to make it worth my while I’m sure. I was surprised that only 10% of people use the find feature of a browser, but that’s why we learn things. If you are interested, I’ll see you on their forum.

Power Searching with Google …a short course on becoming a great internet searcher

Google Search makes it amazingly easy to find information. Come learn about the powerful advanced tools we provide to help you find just the right information when the stakes are high.




Sharing through your feed

Bill mentioned this in his collection of posts – see bottom of page. His shared google feed. Still would like to know how you got the big picture at the top???

This piqued my curiosity. I have hit the share button on my feed knowing no one would see that item because I had no idea where they’d go. Well, I found it on my google profile yesterday. Here’s mine. It’s more education than anything right now, but it is that time of year for me to uber-think about my field.

Here is how you find it if like me you didn’t / don’t have a clue.

Now, we all subscribe to many of the same blogs, but we also subscribe to different feeds too, and I’m confident that you might share something on your feed that I’d never see on my own – something not quite worthy of posting about (or time lacking, yet) but thought provoking none-the-less. There is even a comment feature so a discussion could be held on the feed.

So, I’m asking you to think about making your shared items feed known for others to subscribe.

Google Maps Gets a (Much-Needed) URL Shortener

Great idea!

We typed an address in Manhattan to try the new feature out. With the Short URL feature turned off, our shareable URL for this address was “,+New+York,+NY&sll=40.745612,-74.008065&sspn=0.010794,0.020707&g=41+11th+Avenue,+New+York,+NY&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=41+W+11th+St,+New+York,+10011&ll=40.734925,-73.997099&spn=0.002699,0.005177&t=h&z=18.”

Ouch! When we navigated into Labs and checked the box to enable Short URL, it became a simple “” That’s much better.

Google Maps Gets a (Much-Needed) URL Shortener.

google voice

Google VoiceSecond cool thing I’ve done today!

Here are some things you can do to get started with Google Voice:

  1. Read transcriptions of voicemails. Watch a video »
  2. Customize which phones ring. Watch a video »
  3. Personalize greetings for different callers. Watch a video »
  4. Make cheap international calls. Watch a video »
  5. Forward SMS to email. Watch a video »
  6. Share voicemails with friends. Watch a video »
  7. Block unwanted callers. Watch a video »
  8. Screen callers before answering. Watch a video »
  9. Access the mobile app on your phone. Watch a video »
  10. Conference call with co-workers. Watch a video »