Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder coverI picked Cinder up at the last book fair. I didn’t plan to read it myself, but I was between books and kept thinking about that quirky cover. This is a futuristic twist on the old classic and it was really good. Ended rather abruptly making me wish that the next installment was already in and not just on order, but it’s one I’m going to claim first dibs on.


The Hunger Games

the-hunger-games-books-1-3I put off reading The Hunger Games forever. Them never being in the library had something to do with that. One day, I realized they were all in and there were no holds on any of them. I grabbed them. Easy read, very engaging. Although by reading them all at once I was growing slightly bored by the end.

The movie arrived on Netflix, so I watched it yesterday afternoon. Not nearly as engaging as the books, but good enough I didn’t walk out of the room to go do something else in the middle of it.

hunger games movie

Library of Congress Lists Books That Shaped America

I see these lists periodically on Facebook. What’s different about his one is they are the books that shaped America.

Library of Congress Lists Books That Shaped America

When the list is 100 books you should read before you die, I’ve usually read a fair amount of them. I can’t say that about this list. What would you add, take off? What do you agree or disagree with?

When you take the survey, be prepared with names of books that aren’t on the list already.


What happens when you give an old book a new cover?

You might get a new audience if you can make that book relate to some kind of best seller. To Lure ‘Twilight’ Teenagers, Classic Books Get Bold Looks

I’m really glad to see it happen. When I was a teen, they put glossy photos on these same books and I read them to find some really good stories. Hoping this works with another set of teen readers.

Young Adult Science Fiction

This last semester in grad school has started pretty smoothly. I’ve got things all worked out for my practicum and have a good bit of the YA lit class under my belt.

One of the YA lit requirements is to do a book talk of six books united by a theme. After finding a spot and discussing it with the teacher, she’d like for me to do Sci-Fi / horror as an introduction to Frankenstein.

I’ve been perusing titles, but before I spend too much time looking at the unknown, I was wondering if you had any YA title suggestions that might be off the beaten path.

New (to me) Book Site

School has started back with the proverbial bang (read: I’m tired).

I found a site. Wishing I could remember where I saw it the first time, but I’ve racked my brain and just can’t seem to remember.

It’s called Gospel eBooks and they scout out free or inexpensive Kindle editions. Some of them look good. Some of them I would never pick up, but that’s the way of many sites.

This link is for the free page. I got The Secret Holocaust Diaries. I will have time to read again one day. . .

Reading for Teens

I am about to enter my LAST semester of the MLS program. I’ll be taking the practicum (110 hours mainly after school and on Saturdays – please pray that I do not become more unglued than I already am), and the not so anticipated Young Adult materials course.

One thing I’ve discovered is that the Young Adult sections in the libraries round these parts are more than a bit skimpy. The required books for the course are:

  • Crank by Ellen Hopkins – Book of poetry about a girl who goes to visit her father and gets hooked on crank. All the pitfalls are amazingly graphic. The poetry was hard to get into, but once I did, it really flowed.
  • Beastly by Alex Flinn – Teenage retake on Beauty and the Beast. Pretty good.
  • What Happened to Cass McBride by Gail Giles – Snotty girl disses guy who kills himself. Brother kidnaps her. Story is told from several points of view. Great twist at the end. Nicely done.
  • Deadline by Chris Crutcher – Boy gets medical death sentence and decides to live his last year to its fullest without telling anyone. Pretty good.
  • The Killer’s Cousin by Nancy Werlin – A young man goes to live with his aunt and uncle. Having killed another teen, he clearly has issues, but his cousin also has some serious issues.
  • Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block – This one was just weird. Short, but weird.
  • The Road of the Dead by Kevin Brooks – Two young men go off to find the story behind their sister’s murder. More psychological than I usually read.
  • The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier – I liked this one. Stubborn boy refuses to participate in the annual chocolate sale at school. A sale that is run by what can only be called a gang of thugs. Boy stands his ground but pays a very big price.
  • Inexcusable by Chris Lynch – Date rape.
Still need to read the following. Hoping to have them done by the end of the week.
  • Forever by Judy Blume
  • Tyrell by Coe Booth
  • The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson

Then I get to find and read six more for a book talk. woohoo