2018 Librarian to Librarian Networking Summit


Yesterday, I spent the day at East Carolina University at the Librarian to Librarian Networking Summit! This was the first one I’ve attended (thanks to Sedley Abercrombie). I’ve looked at it every year for the past six years thinking I should go, but just haven’t made the commitment. Thanks to Alan Bailey and his team at ECU for putting on this great event!


  • Quality sessions led by NC librarians.
  • Food – breakfast, lunch, and snacks (and it was all really good!)
  • Networking – this was actually easier than at larger conferences
  • Cost – $30 covered opening session with John Claude Bemis, three sessions, door prizes and more food than I could eat.
  • Location – we were all over Joyner Library. (I love being at my alma mater!)


  • Location – don’t laugh. It’s a long haul on Friday afternoon from Winston Salem to Greenville. Although not as long because Sedley and I travelled together. Traffic is never as bad when you have someone to talk to.

So next year, be on the lookout for 2019 Librarian to Librarian Networking Summit!


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