One Year Update on Library Flip

This time last year, I was just beginning the great adventure of turning a storage bin Library into a welcoming and functional place. This week, we about got the final physical changes down that I’ve been waiting to complete.

The library last year looked like this:


Below shows the space as empty as possible. Our fabulous custodial staff put as many of the tables as possible in the corner for carpet cleaning. It’s an amazingly large space.

Now, the last little challenge is computers. The desktops are in front of the SmartBoard. I didn’t take a great picture of this terrible arrangement, but you can kind of see it here. I tried and tried to get a rug in front of the board, but it was not going to happen!


I’ve been chipping away at them computer by computer. This is the next incarnation, and there is now space for a rug. There are computers hidden on those tables. Really 😉 This meant we could have a rug for the littles between the computers and the Smart Board. Fabulous move, but still not quite where I wanted things to be.

Thanks to the Reading Railroad Express grant, we got a cart of chromebooks and no longer need to house desktops in the library. WooHoo! What a game changer this is! With the desktops, the best seating I could hope for was always off center. Or I used a screen and projector in another location and just didn’t use the Smart Board. Kind of a waste of technology, but I kept trying to find that perfect layout that would work best in this space.

First of all, with the desktops gone, we were able to remove these knee bruisers.

Now, we can shift tables absolutely anywhere! What a freeing experience! Now there are two larger distinct areas in the library and several smaller ones.

I’m excited about the possibilities of these two spaces.

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