The way it is with some classes

Since Jeff Mack is visiting our school, I planned a cross-grade level project for welcome signs. My plan was that the first grade level (3rd grade) would draw ups some plans for a sign, the second grade level (4th) would put the plans to paper, and the third grade level (5th) would finish up. That would leave me one last class to get the library ready for assemblies.

First two classes were fairly smooth sailing. Signs are planned and moving along. Third class comes in, however, and the first thing several of them say is I don’t want to do this. Great, I smell a mutiny underfoot.  I do understand this artsy stuff isn’t necessarily your thing, but I really need your help! We are running out of time, I was out for three days last week, then we had two field days. Please! Just pick up a marker, paper, scissors and give it a try. Do something in that corner or with those letters or that one needs a frog or the fly is too small. And then I walked away. (Did I mention this was a class of 5th grade boys?)

So they hemmed and they hawed, some walked around the table and examined the project from every possible angle, but eventually everyone worked. And they worked until the very end of class. Then I got a surprise when some asked if they could come back after their lunch. Not only did they come back and work, they worked with the 2nd graders until they had to leave.


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