Zucchini Chips


I made these tonight. Here’s the recipe.


One thought on “Zucchini Chips

  1. Bitsy– Those zucchini chips sure look good & tasty!!  I wonder if these chips would be a good replacement for some of the messed up chips in my lap top computer? May it’s worth a try…..Couldn’t be any worse than the ones that are in it!! :)–Paul Kirkpatrick— Ur OLD Baptist Board Friend. PS–Hope y’all had a good July 4th.  In the Nashville TN area we had some heavy off-&-on showers. Music City’s fireworks had to be delayed about 30 min., but they (along w/ the Nashville Symphony Orchestra) finally went off [literally!]. I’m told that N’ville’s display is one of the better ones in the US…..Could be.

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