I used to write

I used to write a lot. An event in the last few days made me go back looking for a date. A date on which I remember writing. The date ended up being 9.15.07. I looked through a lot of posts to get back that far. Some things I only wrote about once, but there were many, many topics that came up again and again.

  • Education in general
  • Teaching
  • NC General Assembly and budgets
  • What it means to be a Christian
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Learning

So, why don’t I write so much anymore. Well, I do, but it’s on Facebook. That’s a shame. Facebook doesn’t keep things like a blog does. I could never go back through Facebook and find a post from 9.15.07 to reread. I also noticed that as I progressed through my MLS, writing happened less and less. A habit was broken. Time, energy, topics. Everything revolved around completing course work.

I started writing to work through my childhood, and it went on to absolutely everything else. I am a generalist. I keep  trying to do blogs on specific topics and I fail miserably.  So, I think I’ll give the daily writing a try again. I have a new app called balanced that helps you start new habits. Writing. That will be what I add today.

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