Google inbox

 I requested to use Google Inbox. Got the link within 24 hours. I like it. It’s only got one major flaw that I can see and that’s the fact that there is no signature. Since I primarily use my mobile devices, I thought the signature from gmail was there. Everything else seems to be there, but this morning I sent one off on my computer, and on the bigger screen, it was clear that the signature was absent. A little digging proved that signatures are not currently available. Seriously. So now, I’m wondering how many LM_Net emails (where certain identifying requirements are requested) I’ve responded to through inbox.

But, I do like the way it works. It bundles like emails together including those it considers low priority – which you can remove from that list. I’m sure there are some other features besides the signature that its missing. I just don’t know what they are yet. I’ve got at least one invite if anyone is interested.

One thought on “Google inbox

  1. Sounds like you progress !!
    I lag, personally =(
    I was a member of Google Map & tried to get Google Mail.
    But until I joined up with Google + (again, they did not seem to like me coming in from a new computer. Now i have trouble with Google Map but cannot contact Google. Like other venders, Google seems to think their Customer Interface is just sucking in customers like made? BUt there is not way i found yet to get Google to call me and discuss my. I even have pictures of what the problem is, but no way to share them with Google. I have the same problem with Twitter.

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