Ohio Alert! State Board of Education Will Vote on Whether to Eliminate Arts, P.E., Librarians, Nurses at Elementary Schools

This is a call to action. If you live in Ohio, voice your concerns! The rest of us need to be vocal or, as little sense as it makes, this could happen elsewhere.

Diane Ravitch's blog

On November 11, the Ohio State Board of Education will vote on a motion to eliminate crucial positions at elementary schools.

The Board will vote on whether to eliminate “specialist” positions, that include elementary schools arts teachers, elementary school music teachers, elementary school physical education teachers, school nurses, school library media specialists, school counselors, and school social workers.

Will they call it “reform”?

Here is Peter Greene, reporting on the same horrifying spectacle, with more detail.

He writes:

This morning comes word that the Ohio State Board of Education will vote this Tuesday on some revision to the school code. The most significant revision reportedly under consideration is one that would make end state requirements for elementary specialists.

Currently, school code states that for every thousand elementary students, schools must have in place five of the following eight specialists: art, music, counselor, school nurse, librarian/media specialist, visiting teacher, social worker…

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