NC Politicians rewriting the past year

I mentioned a few posts ago that Thom Tillis and Pat McCrory were featured in a ridiculous ad about a brighter future for our children. This is the beginning of the election season’s rewriting of educational history – especially those who are in office and would like to be seen in a favorable light. Claims will be made that they teachers one of the largest raises in NC history. I wrote about those raises earlier.  


To get this raise, they had to take the money from other places. 

And the budget is a mess.

The NCGA has treated teachers poorly. I could list all the ways again, but I’ve already done that. As wonderful as the start to this year has been in the school house, apart from the job itself, this has been a demoralizing year for educators. 

The NCGA needs some fresh faces. Faces that support public education. 

The transparent election-year conversion on education 


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