School Wires discovery

I have moaned over School Wires – although it is better than what we have before. I was missing something. I didn’t know what. Well, I figured out a partial today. Apps.

When you create a page, it asks you what kind of page you’d like to create. I almost always picked Flex because it would do so much. What I discovered today was I can have a dozen apps on a page.

A page with links like this one was made with stacking apps like this:

  • Flex editor 1- header
  • Link app 1 – Copyright Links
  • Link app 2 – Fair Use Links
  • Link app 3 – Plagiarism Links
  • Flex editor 2 – footer

So, the page might not be a smooth as I’d like, but the way things shift around when trying to get everything on one page, this is better.

Any of the apps can be stacked. Pod casts, blogs, wikis – you see it, you can add it. I’ve been fiddling around with pages that I can keep on the website that give instructions for the class to be read when they sit down and I’m having to help someone with something. I tried several of the different page types and wasn’t happy with any of them. Not that I can add different apps, I might be able to make this work.

Couple of things I haven’t figured out how to do yet. Get the calendar to merge with another one (one that is more user friendly) and make an easy site map for just my pages. Oh well, maybe a light will go off for those another day!


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