56 days of summer – 38

I hope today is the day I send in my manuscript.

Week 2 of the Copyright course starts.

I started a sharing board on FB for school librarians. Please join us if you are a school librarian.

This is a way we can collaborate with librarians not only across NC, but in other states. My dream is for us to build our own database of lessons, helps with classroom management, problems solving ideas. 

#NCTLchat hosted Eva Ridenhour and Stanley N Katrina, both student authors. Check out the writing vids that Eva has on her site! The perpetual papers of the pack of pets is found on Amazon and is in Kindle and paperback forms.

Then I went to a webinar for promoting the library at open houses by Jocelyn Sams.

Over the weekend I set up a facebook page for the library. Now we have twitter, pinterest, facebook, a webpage and a blog. All I have to do is get them to talk to each other – Especially the FB since I can’t get on that one at school!

I also created a mobile app. Not completely thrilled with the site, but it’s a start.

Looking for some how to videos on Smart Board. Here’s a playlist .


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