Public funding with no disclosure

Charter schools are in NC, and I’m assuming they are here to stay. I’ve seen good ones and some far from good. What I do not understand is why the legislature thinks that Charter Schools should not have to disclose salaries. 

Cotham: New NC Senate bill shields salaries of for-profit charter school staff 

That version says that “charter school personnel records for those employees directly employed by the board of directors for the charter school” are subject to the same disclosure requirements and privacy protections as employees of school districts and other public bodies.

Doesn’t sound too bad to me. Looks like we should know, but notice that phrase “directly employed by the board of directors.” BAM! There is is. Anyone hired by the charter company doesn’t fall under the those guidelines. With the magnifying glass on education these days, why would the legislature want to do this? OR is our intense focus saved for public education? Is this legislature so blind as to think that every charter school will be such a roaring success that they need NO public accountability? Are they so enamored by the idea of school choice that they really think no one will abuse those public funds? Do the parents considering the charter not have a right to know if the teachers are making far above or below the average wage?


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