Have you taken a course from Coursera?

One of my feeds had a post describing an upcoming course on Copyright for Educators and Librarians. It’s a four week course delivered through Coursera. Profs are from Duke, UNC, and Emory. The course is set up like a regular course – videos, readings, quizzes, assignments, discussions. Here’s the info. If they offer it again, I’d recommend taking it. I’ve already learned some interesting things, although there are about 8,000 people taking this session. Wow!


2 thoughts on “Have you taken a course from Coursera?

  1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the class so far! I wanted to sign up, but am in the the middle of Research Methods in summer school at NCCU SLIS. I’ll definitely be on the watch for round two of that copyright class on Coursera!

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