Question about your library visits

When you enter a library, what do you see (sense, hear, feel) that makes you feel welcome? If you don’t feel particularly welcomed at your library, what would you like to see that would make a difference?



2 thoughts on “Question about your library visits

  1. The branch library I usually go to is cheerful and open. There is a lot of comfortable seating close to whichever stacks I happen to be browsing. My favorite areas are near natural lighting. The library conveys a sense of warmth and comfort (although truthfully, a hole in the wall with lots of books will convey that same feeling. 😀 ) Occasionally one of the library workers will ask if there is any type of book I am looking for and will also make recommendations if I appear open enough. She is intuitive enough to not be intrusive – in other words, not a salesperson approach. Our village library has an entirely different feel. It is only open a few hours a day and not on Sundays. It is very small and the collection is small. however, I don’t need a library card as she recognizes me and just opens my account on the computer. Everyone seems to know one another and there is a general feeling of being “home.”

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