56 days of summer – 5

It was rainy or cloudy most of the day. We walked to a closely place for lunch again, then went to the pool. I watched a little boy sit near my feet and play with some flip flops. These were the knd where the toe piece goes all the way through the shoe. It was sticking out the bottom. He pushed it in and pulled i out. Then he realized the other shoe worked the same. After alternating between the two, he flipped them over and seemed surprised they were shoes. He very neatly put them together under the lounger and ran off.

Later, same little boy discovered the foot wash. He was too light to get it to go off. At first, he jumped up and down on it, then he stood on it waiting. Someone walked up and stepped on it. He burst into giggles.

Finished Wool last night and started on Shift.  Not quite as good, but still a decent read.


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