56 days of summer

or is it 40. I couldn’t decide to count the the weekends or not, but I wanted to use the time to get back in the habit of blogging and thought this would the be perfect time to do it. So, for habits sake, I’m going to count the weekends!

Last week was a work week. There are so many things that have to be done that just don’t happen when the students are there. I don’t ever want to sound like I don’t love most every minute that I’m with students. I do. So many things pile up though: series needing new call numbers, books to process, books to fix, weeding, shifting, book room, deleting lost materials and that doesn’t even touch lesson plans and materials. I couldn’t believe the amount of things we got through last week and still have so much left to do.

But, today is the first day of summer, and while I’ll have to address the left overs at some point, we are going to the beach. I’ve got items for the library to cut out on the drive and of course books to read. Hoping for a lovely and lazy few days.



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