Modesto California and School Librarians

Moving from Middle School to Elementary School has brought some challenges as I scrambled for Kindergarten appropriate lessons after teaching older students. One of the places I found with really good ideas was the Modesto K-6 library lessons. They (along with some other sites) gave me lots of good ideas.

So, it was with sadness that I read this article from the Modesto Bee describing the school boards intent (if approved) to do away with time in the library in favor of computer instruction. A lot of the time I spend in the library is spent on computers – we find information, analyze it, share it on computers.  I’m an information specialist and I teach them how to be responsible with information. So I’m not quite sure how this is not as relevant to the 21st century as having the students go to computer. Oh and we do also talk about books – still a great source of information.


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