Copyright reminders

A few copyright highlights:

  • Portions of copyrighted material may be used with proper credit and citations. This may just be a title and a link, but if copyrighted material is used, it must be credited.
  • Consider creating and using a personal fair use statement to include at the beginning of any and all materials that include copyrighted materials.
  • Fair use ends if you put something on the internet with unlimited access. You cannot claim fair use on an unsecured site.

Examples of fair use (with proper credit given):

  • Text –
    • 10% or 1000 words – whichever is less.
    • Poetry –
      • Up to 250 words of a poem.
      • No more than 5 poems altogether.
      • No more than 3 poems from a single poet.
  • TV Shows –
    • You should have made the tape yourself. Someone else can make it, but it can’t be a copy of a copy of a copy.
    • It must be shown in a classroom/instructional setting.
    • It has to be from a public TV station – ABC, NBC, etc. Cable channels do not count.
    • Video must be shown within 10 days of taping.
    • Video must be destroyed within 45 days. You cannot tape once and use it in all your classes for ever more.
    • Tapes may not be altered.
  • Motion Media  –
    • 10 % or 3 minutes – whichever is less.
    • Must remain unaltered.
    • We have a license to show professionally made movies in VHS or DVD format in their entirety, but the license does not include anything from the internet nor does it give us permission to use clips of those movies in multimedia productions other than the 10% or 3 minute rule.
  • Illustrations –
    • An image may be used.
    • No more than 5 from a single artist.
    • No more than 10% or 15 images from a collection.
  • Music
    • 10% or 30 seconds of a recording – whichever is less.
    • Music must remain unaltered.

My Sources – NC DPI, Educational Media.

For more information read Copyright.Gov  or Education World.

Here is a Copyright Pamphlet (pdf) you can print.

Student Resources:

Library of Congress copyright video for students;

Cyberbee Copyright Q&A for students;

A Fairy Use Tale

Legal sources of online content .


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