Summer Time Crafts

I wasn’t quite as crafty this summer as I’ve been some others, but I did get several things made.  I did some really heavy cleaning and rearranging this summer instead.

Thing one:

Crocheted baskets. I made the red, white and blue one first. I had some heavy yarn left over from another project. When I came across the pattern, I thought they would work. It’s a great yarn basket! My second try was with some Red Heart Super Saver yarn. I found these colors that looked rather like watermelon colors. I put two pockets on the inside of this one.


Thing two:

Baby blanket. Several friends are having babies over the next school year, so I started with this one.

Thing 3:

Stained glass boxes. Looking into my newly cleaned out closet, I thought the banker’s boxes I’d been using for storage looked like they’d been used for too many things over the past 30 years. (That would be because they have!) So I took an idea I’d used at school. I cut a multi-color pack of tissue paper into two- to four-inch squares/rectangle and just glued them over the box. I wasn’t trying to cover up the wording, just freshen them up.


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