Exercise and childhood obesity

I ran across PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) years ago trying to find some help outside of pharmaceuticals for my migraines.  I’ve been following them on a more or less regular basis since and have learned quite a bit from reading their materials. This started with their Natural Approach to Migraines.  If you suffer from migraines, give it a read.

Yesterday, they posted a blurb about a study on exercise. Exercise is healthy (can anyone dispute that?), but it is not a determining factor in how much a child weighs. Socioeconomic status was relevant. While the study was done on 3-6 year olds, I cannot help but make the personal connection to the food we find in too many school cafeterias. However, just a little research shows that students throw better food choices away – something I personally saw in my last school when more fruits and veggies were placed on plates. So what is the answer?


2 thoughts on “Exercise and childhood obesity

  1. I don’t know what the answer is. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by poor food choices that taste good and are less expensive than many of the better choices. Better choices tend to take a little preparation to make ready to eat whereas the poor choices are right there ready to go.

    What am I doing personally? I’m working at keeping better food choices at home, teaching my children how to cook and have started a running program with my two younger kids. Here’s hoping that will at least help us!

  2. I think good eating habits do start at home. We can’t force those at school if at home children are on a diet of pseudo foods. I do think that the preschool years are key here. Kids raised on fresh fruits and veggies are going to be fine with eating them. These foods are more expensive though and I think the poor eating habits associated with children raised in poverty are terribly difficult to break.

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