Have You Tried Being Likeable?

Have You Tried Being Likeable?

Interesting article from the On Hiring  blog. He’s mainly talking to the superior and arrogant who don’t or won’t give their coworkers the time of day. I’ve worked with people like this. They are so much better, smarter, whatever, that they can’t tell you hello in the hall much less collaborate or share the work load on a committee. They’ll just do it themselves because they are much more capable.

What’s really interesting though are the comments. Yes, we all work with someone who is and idiot (or even a complete department of idiots). What in the world gives anyone the right to treat them like they are idiots. And the term “faking nice” came up way too often. So, your mama told you that you were the center of the universe and every teacher or  teammate or coworker kissed the ground you walked on. (Of course, I’m willing to make a sizable bet that they did’t, but you didn’t notice because you thought they should.) Did you never observe the world around you? Have you not noticed that some people say please and thank you and occasionally smile at others?  Have you never appreciated someone’s kindness toward you? So your mama really didn’t teach you any manners when you were little. It’s never to late to learn them and use them appropriately without “faking nice” to manipulate others.


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